Don't worry! It's not as scary as it sounds.

We know that sterilising sounds intimidating...

like you should have a lab coat and some goggles to get your baby’s bottles clean! But it’s not all that difficult, you just need the right tools and methods that work best for you & you’ll be fine. 

It’s important to remember that there’s not one correct way to sterilise. There are a number of perfectly safe and appropriate methods that will work - it’s just about finding what’s best for you and your little one.  

Polished and protected

Sterilising your little one’s beloved baby bottles goes beyond keeping things clean – it’s about protecting your child from harmful bacteria that may cause some nasty tummy bugs. Before the very old age of 12 months, your baby’s immune system is not yet fully developed, meaning they are more susceptible to illnesses than bigger babies. 


That’s why it’s so important to sterilise your baby bottles before the first use and then after every use and wipe out those annoying germs found in milk residue that might be lingering.  


We recommend that you sterilise anything that comes into contact with milk, breast or formula and anything that regularly goes in their mouths. This includes bottles and teats, but you’ll also need to sterilise breast pumps, soothers, toys and teethers after every useAfter sterilisation, your products will stay sterile for 24 hours when stored properlyWe know, it seems like a lot of work, but it really doesn’t take too long and its super simple – it’ll become a natural part of your daily routine in no time!  

Prepared at every step of the way

You’re stocked up with bottles, and you’ve picked your perfect pump...

now let us help you with sterilisers! There are many options to choose from but each and every one of our solutions will kill 99% of germs with no harsh chemicals that could harm your little one. Whether you’re after an all-rounder that dries as well as sterilises, something that doesn’t use heat or steam, or something for a speedy but effective – we’ve got you covered.

Which product is right for me?

Ultra UV 3-in-1 Steriliser, Dryer and Storage

Ultra UV 3-in-1 Steriliser, Dryer & Storage 

Advanced Steri-Dryer Electric Steriliser

Advanced Steri-Dryer Electric  Steriliser 

Super-steam Advanced Electric Steriliser

Super-steam Advanced Electric Steriliser

Micro-Steam Microwave Steriliser

Micro-Steam Microwave Steriliser

  Ultra UV 3-in-1 Steriliser, Dryer and Storage  Advanced Steri-Dryer Electric Steriliser  Super-steam Advanced Electric Steriliser  Micro-Steam Microwave Steriliser 
How long does it take to sterilise?   60 minutes   40 minutes   5 minutes   4 minutes
How many bottles can you sterilise at once?   6  6  6 
Will it dry my bottles too?    Yes! Dry bottles and other equipment for 30, 40 or 50 minutes.  Yes! All within the 40 minute cycle. 

No - No drying feature but any residual water is sterile and the outside of the bottle can be wiped with a paper towel.  

No - No drying feature but any residual water is sterile and the outside of the bottle can be wiped with a paper towel. 
Why this product?

UV light means no harsh chemicals, heat or steam!

Hepa air filter in the steriliser blocks dust and dirt (replacement filter included).

One button to start and auto shut-off – perfect for a quick solution.


Lightweight, great to store out of sight in the microwave and perfect for travel. 

Where to start?

Before sterilising, always wash your baby bottles and teats to remove as much residual milk bacteria as possible.

Most bottles can be cleaned in a dishwasher, on the top shelf only, or in hot soapy water with our 2-in1 cleaning brush!

Once clean, sterilise them with your chosen method and you’re all good for 24 hours – just make sure you keep them in a sterile place (like inside your steriliser) or reassemble the bottles so the teat is covered and use within 24 hours. You can also keep sterile bottles in a sealed container in the fridge to help avoid any germs or bacteria getting to them. Just bear in mind that the container must be sterilised too.   

And for when you're on the move

Sterilise wherever you need to with our Single Bottle Travel Steriliser! No more worrying how you’re going to wheel around your 6-bottle electric steriliser in your hand luggage – this compact steriliser fits easily in your changing bag. It can be used with water in a microwave or with a cold-water solution. This one also comes with one of our Closer to Nature, BPA free bottles which 97%* of mums would recommend to a friend!  

You might also consider our Travel Steriliser Bags ideal for sterilizing breast pumps, bottles and other baby feeding accessories when you’re getting around and don’t want to pack your large pumpPlus it sterilises in just 90 seconds!  

Other factors to consider

Something you might want to look into is anti-colic products.

Colic is normal for babies, but its still not very fun and something we all want to try and avoid as much as possible. Our Advanced Anti-Colic Complete Feeding Set contains everything you need to make baby feeding straightforward whilst preventing colic by reducing the amount of air bubbles in the milk. 

Plus, it comes with our Super-Steam Electric Steriliser, so you have everything you need to keep your little one protected.   

Bottle prep made easy

Making up bottles can be a never-ending task...

so check out our Perfect Prep Day & Night - In just 2 minutes your bottle is fully prepared at the perfect volume and temperature. Luckily this, along with our Super-Steam electric steriliseris included in our Complete Bottle-Feeding Bundle!

You're now a sterilising expert, congrats

Now that you’re a master steriliser and you know everything you need to know bottle feeding your baby – you’ll want to stock up on our many handy products. We’ve compiled a bunch of our best ones into money and stress-saving bundles, just for you…

*In a 2012 on-line survey of more than 500 mums who used Closer to Nature® bottles, 97% agreed. *In a 2012 on-line survey of more than 500 moms who used our Closer to Nature bottles, 97% agreed