Poop. It’s not something you ever imagined you’d be talking about so much,
but when baby comes along poop becomes part of your life.

While dealing with dirty nappies is never really fun, you’ll soon get into your stride.

As a newborn baby can average around 12 changes in a 24-hour period, you’ll certainly have plenty of time to practise. From disposing of those stinky nappies to keeping your home smelling fresh and clean, dealing with germs and odours, we’re here to help.

What goes in must come out

We’ve been making baby feeding products for over 50 years, so it’s only fair to help you deal with what comes out the other end.

Our goal is to make life simpler for real families. So our nappy disposal systems make getting rid of baby’s nappies quicker, easier and generally less stinky.

More than just a bin

Our clever nappy disposal systems are more than just a humble bin.

They are smell-stopping, germ-killing, nappy-wrapping super bins that protect your home from the nasty bits of nappy time. Plus, they now use sustainably sourced, recyclable GREENFILM. They really should come with a superhero cape.

Get baby ready

Nursery decorated? Cot conquered? Nappies stockpiled?

You go to great efforts to be baby ready but there’s one thing you’re never really prepared for, the smelly nappies.

Don’t worry, we can help. Our nappy disposal bins help keep your home smell and odour free. And save you a lot of extra trips to the outside bin. 

Twist & Click Nappy Bin - I'm Green Bio Based

Twist & Click Nappy Bin

The only nappy bin that individually wraps each nappy in anti-bacterial film for unbeatable odour protection to keep your home fresh and smell-free. 

Smart lid and anti-bacterial film block out odours
Multi-layer antibacterial film kills 99% of germs on contact
System made with over 98% recycled plastic 

Individually wraps each nappy

Lid with built in plunge
Uses sustainably sourced and recyclable GREENFILM 

Maximum number of nappies


Available in 4 colours

Bin and lid


Fits all bins that twist

New greener system

 We know that parents care a lot about doing their bit for the environment. 

I'm Green Bio Based

So we’ve made our Twist & Click nappy bins greener and more sustainable, with a shiny upgrade

Our Twist & Click nappy bin uses 58% less plastic than our previous model with a 53% reduced CO2 footprint!


 With around 5,000 nappy changes in baby’s lifetime, you’ll appreciate a little help to reduce the number of trips to the outside bin.

Although our nappy bins hold a load of nappies, eventually you’ll need to refill the anti-bacterial film that wraps each nappy and helps keep germs at bay. 

Each refill provides enough anti-bacterial film to wrap up to 1 months’ worth* of nappies depending on the size and number you use.

Plus, our refills are made from sustainably sourced sugar cane which is 100% recyclable for a simpler & eco-friendly process!  

* Based on size 1 nappies

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Bundle Starter Kits

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Refill Packs