Made for Me Double Electric Breast Pump

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Key Features


The cups feature massaging petals that work to stimulate your breasts and create strong suction while still feeling soft, so you can express more milk in less time*


The one-piece flanges allow for easy assembly and cleaning and feature closed systems that prevent breastmilk backflow.


The lightweight power unit is compact and discreet enough to carry in your bag so you can express breastmilk anytime, anywhere.


Full charge gives you up to 90 minutes of cord-free pump time, so you have the freedom to use this breast pump anywhere.


We know that breastfeeding isn’t easy for everyone, so the Tommee Tippee Made for Me Double Electric Breast Pump is specially designed to help make your breastfeeding journey a little easier. Choose to pump from both breasts simultaneously for added convenience while the cups with massaging petals help produce more milk in less time*. The flanges have a hygienic one-piece design that’s easy to assemble, so you can get on with expressing quickly and easily. This also makes cleaning the pump, whether in hot soapy water, the dishwasher or sterilizer, simple and stress-free. The innovative built-in closed system means all your precious breastmilk only goes into the bottle, so you don’t waste a single drop. Made from completely BPA and BPS-free materials, you can rest-assured that your baby has a super-safe feed. Loved by mums for convenience**, this Tommee Tippee Double Electric Breast Pump is the ultimate travel companion thanks to its portable power unit that’s compact enough to fit in your bag. It’s lightweight and has a discreet design that allows for quiet pumping wherever you go. Choose between 5 massage and 9 express settings that help to stimulate the milk flow while still feeling gentle on tender breasts. Complete with a USB charger, this breast pump provides 90 minutes of cord-free pump time when fully charged, so you have freedom to express anytime. It even comes with two 5oz Closer to Nature baby bottles with measurement markers so you can keep track of how much you’re expressing, and the LED display screen tells you how long you express for. It also connects to all sizes of our Closer to Nature and Advanced Anti Colic baby bottles*** so it’s adaptable to your unique breast pumping experience. *Based on US consumer research, our flange increased milk flow compared to competitor pumps. **Based on US consumer research, our pump scored highest for convenience compared to competitor pumps. ***Excludes glass.


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More milk in less time.

Together with 5 massage and 9 express modes, the cups feature massaging petals that help to stimulate the breast, so you get more milk in less time*.

Lightweight and convenient.

Complete with a portable and rechargeable power unit, this double pump allows you to pump from both breasts simultaneously to help express more milk in half the time.

Easy to assemble and clean.

Made from completely BPA/BPS free materials, our pump has a hygienic one-piece flange that makes assembling and cleaning super simple and stress-free.