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The Perfect Baby Bathtime Routine

The Perfect Baby Bathtime Routine

Baby bathtime is one of the fun parts of the bedtime routine; it isn’t just about ensuring little ones are clean, but it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of the rest of your baby’s energy and make the most of some one on one time at the end of the day. Check out our top tips for making bathtime an enjoyable experience for the both of you.

Getting ready

Make sure you have a happy baby, a little one that isn’t too tired or hungry to enjoy the bath and that you have everything to hand; toys, lotions, creams, towels etc. When your newborn is little, a bath a couple of times a week is enough but as they get older a bath can be a great way to help them distinguish between day and night and that it is almost time for sleep as part of a bath, book, bed routine.

Help your baby to enjoy bathtime

Using a cup or baby bath toys is a great way to ease your little one in gently. Singing a song to your baby, maintaining eye contact and praising can be a great way to show that the bath is fun and help them relax. Encourage your little one to splash about, sing songs and look for opportunities for teaching new skills for example sticking objects to the wall, playing with toys and bursting bubbles to help with sensory development!

Homemade boats made from finished plastic bottles, beach nets and plastic toys or go back to basics with your kitchen sieve, a sure bath winner!

Keeping your baby warm and dry

Baby’s skin can get dry so make sure you have a soft towel to hand to pat dry your little one, avoiding any particularly sore and sensitive areas. Babies lose heat quickly, especially through their heads, so towels with hoods are great for added warmth.

When taking a newborn out of a bath they can cry due to the cold air, therefore make sure to have a cosy towel ready and waiting. A Groswaddledry is a newborn swaddle shaped towel which is specifically designed to recreate the soothing effects of swaddling after bathtime. For older children, wrap wet little fingers and toes in a Grotowel (6-48months) or Grorobe (12-36months). The Grobath range is made from highly absorbent hypoallergenic Puredry Microfibre. The towels are quick drying and the fabric stays soft wash after wash!