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“The hardest part is not being able to see family…”

Social Distancing with my Newborn

Social Distancing with my Newborn

We live in quite a small village so luckily having to social distance with Charlie isn’t too difficult. We walk the dog around the village and through the fields and rarely bump into anyone. As the weather has been so nice taking the dog out for a walk is definitely a highlight of my day. The hardest part is not being able to see family as we’re lucky that my husband’s side of the family live so close, so under normal circumstances we see them a few times a week and my family who live a little further away would regularly come and stay with us.

Charlie had two lots of immunisations whilst we have been in lockdown. I was very anxious about taking him to the doctor’s surgery as he hadn’t been in contact with anyone but us, however the good thing was that my husband could come with me. The nurse was lovely and despite masks and gowns it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, and we got to have Charlie weighed which was an added bonus!

We try to FaceTime family each day so that Charlie can see them and hear voices. I do think he is beginning to recognise their faces and voices as he grins when they come on camera. Whilst I know I’m lucky that in the first few weeks family were able to meet Charlie and lend a hand I feel that it’s now I want them to see him more than ever. It upsets me that they are missing seeing him grow into such an amazing little boy and developing a cheeky little personality.

For me my mum is my ‘go-to’ person for everything, this became even more so when I became a Mum. Some days (particularly those after a bad night with Charlie) I would do anything to see her just for a (hot) cup of tea and hand Charlie over for some Grandma cuddles. I do feel lucky that she was able to come and stay in the early days for support but I cannot wait to see her again.

Emily is 26 and works as a midwife. She has recently become a first time Mum with her beautiful little boy Charlie who was born on Dec 30th 2019 in the UK.