Baby Shower Series

Get ready to play, because baby showers mean silly games!

Our Baby Shower Guide: Games

Get ready to play, because baby showers mean silly games!

We’ve listed a few fun and budget-friendly ideas below to kick start your plans…

Don’t Say Baby

This one’s really simple. You only need 5 clothes pegs per guest.

When the guests arrive, pin the pegs onto their clothes, and offer a single instruction: Don’t say ‘baby’!

Have your guests keep their ears open, and if they hear anyone say the word ‘baby,’ they get to take away one of that person's clothes pegs. The guest with the most pegs left at the end of the baby shower is the winner.

This fun game encourages guests to chat about non-baby related things, plus, the mum-to-be might get some inspiration on cute alternative nicknames to call her little one.

Play Dough Babies

If you’re feeling crafty, why not get your guests’ creative juices going with play dough.

Give everyone a baking case and a few different coloured pieces of dough (you can buy some or make your own at home before hand) and set a timer for 15 minutes.

The aim of the game is to see who can create the cutest dough baby. Once everyone’s done, line up your dough babies in a row, and let the mum-to-be decide the winner.

Baby Animal Names

This game will really test your guests' knowledge of the animal kingdom. All you need to do is make a list of 10 - 20 animals and ask them to write down the word for that animal's baby. Do your research beforehand so you have an answer key.

Some pretty unusual ones include…

  • A baby dolphin is a calf
  • A baby crocodile is a hatchling
  • A baby swan is a cygnet
  • A baby porcupine is a porcupette – how cute!

Then when everyone is finished, read the correct words out loud, and have guests score themselves, and give a little animal-themed prize to the guest with the highest score.

How Old Was She?

This is a lovely game that shines the spotlight on mum. There’s a little preparation needed, but all of the guests will love seeing childhood photos of the guest of honour.

You’ll need several pictures of the mother-to-be all at different ages, plus paper and a pen for each guest.

Before the party, ask the guest of honour for past pictures of herself at different ages and arrange them on a poster board or table with a number next to each.

Once the party gets underway, ask guests to write down how old they think the mum-to-be was in each picture. Then it’s simple, whoever gets the most correct answers, wins!

A little tip – If the mum-to-be doesn’t want all the attention to be on her, you can just this game around and use childhood snaps of the guests instead.

Emoji Anagrams

If you’re after a modern baby shower game, it doesn’t get more millennial than this!

This game takes the idea of a classic anagrams game and gives it an up-to-date twist, using emojis instead of words.

You’ll need a list of pregnancy and baby-related emoji anagrams (you can have a look online for some pre-made ones or create your own) and a pen for each guest.

Once you’re ready to play, tell the guests to try and guess the (baby-related) words or phrases that are written out in emojis, and fill their answers out on the sheet.

The person who gets the most correct, wins!