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It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the following stealth tips to change your baby’s diaper at night.

Night Time Diaper Changing: How To Avoid Disrupting Your Baby's Sleep

Having to get up to use the toilet at night can be a real pain, but having to get up and change your baby’s diaper? Now that’s something every parent dreads! It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the following stealth tips to change your baby’s diaper at night. A swift change means you and your baby can get back to catching those precious Zzzz’s.

Should You Change Wet Diapers at Night?

Midnight diaper changing is one of the more unglamorous sides of parenting, but alas, it must be done! We know what you’re thinking—do I really need to change my baby’s diaper right away?

Generally speaking, it’s okay to leave a number one in there until the morning (as long as it’s not soaked right through). This depends on the baby, however. If your little one has particularly sensitive skin, it can become sore and red if sat in a wet diaper for too long. Remember—parents know best, so trust your gut!

Number twos, though? They’ve got to go! The longer that stuff stays in there, the higher the chances of your little one getting a rash. And just like you wouldn’t want to sit in your own poop all night, your baby doesn’t want to either.

Stealthy Tips and Tricks for Changing Your Baby's Diaper at Night

Only one thing matters to you and your baby at night, and that’s sleep! Use these tips and tricks to change your baby swiftly and without upset, so you can both get back to snoozing. You’ll be a diaper ninja in no time.

Prep the Necessary Items Beforehand

Failure to prepare is preparing not to sleep! We all know how clumsy and disoriented we can feel when we’ve just woken up. Grogginess and diaper changing don’t go well together, so you’ll want to make things easier for your future tired self.

Scrambling around searching for wipes or clean sleepsuits can cause your baby to stir and get upset. They want that slumber as much as you do.

Set everything out for yourself in an easy-to-reach spot each night to avoid a tired-fueled tantrum. You’ll both be back on your way to dreamland in no time.

Use Dedicated Night Time Diapers

Because they do what they say on the box! Typically designed to wear up to 12 hours at a time (wishful thinking!), night-time diapers are extra large, extra absorbent, and extra friendly to exhausted parents.

These diapers are normally made of blanket-like material and also promote airflow, making them super comfortable for extended wear. Their high absorbency not only reduces the urgency to change your baby, but it also helps keep the diaper rash at bay.

Your baby probably won’t even notice when they’ve gone number one. That means, less crying and more sleep for the parents – hallelujah.

Keep the Light as Low as Possible

This is perhaps the trickiest tip on the list, but believe us, it’s the one that will make the biggest difference. Your baby’s little eyes are super sensitive to light, especially when they’ve been sleeping in the dark for hours.

When it comes to night time changing, you can guarantee that a light on is the rest of your sleep GONE. So, keep things on the dark side if you want to get back to bed quickly.

If you really need to, you can use a soft nightlight to help you see what you’re doing. Our Penguin Night Light is the perfect (and super handy) addition to your nursery. But never underestimate the power of your touch - you’ve been doing this as often as 12 times per day, so trust your instincts!

Use a Wipe Warmer

If there’s one thing babies hate, it’s a cold wipe, and we can’t blame them! A wipe warmer is an awesome investment that will make changing time MUCH more pleasant for your baby. This simple, yet genius little tool makes those wipes feel soothingly warm against your baby’s skin—they might even start to enjoy having their diaper changed!

If you’re brave enough to try and change your baby without waking them up (good luck!), a wipe warmer will give you your best chances of success. We salute you, night-time changers!