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“Online classes do not seem to work in our house…!”

Keeping My Family Entertained during Covid-19

Keeping My Family Entertained during Covid-19

Online classes do not seem to work in our house! Mila is not interested, and Maya gets bored too quickly. I have downloaded a few things on her iPad to help with her development, so she is not watching Lion King on repeat 24/7.

We have been so lucky with the sunny weather and have been outside a lot or venturing out on long walks. With both Matthew and I working, we have had to find creative solutions to keep them occupied. The girls are so sweet with each other and keep themselves entertained; we are extremely lucky. I must admit, Mila has grown up so quickly having Maya at home always. She just wants to run and play with her, so much so that she is on the brink of walking.

Before the lockdown regulations I relied on family a lot. My mum is a guardian angel and is always helping me out with the girls, in addition to my mother-in-law. If they are reading this, I hope they understand how I will always be indebted to them.

So… having to work, be a mum 24/7, cook, clean and remain positive has come with its challenges. It had made me realise how lucky I am to receive extra support. We are such a close family and usually see family members every day, so for the girls to just see myself and Matthew, it does affect them. We are so lucky that technology allows us to FaceTime (which we do almost every day). For my niece’s birthday we all did a group FaceTime call to sing her happy birthday and cut a cake. It was so sweet and you could see that it meant a lot to us all.

Melissa is 26 from Oxford, England. Engaged to be married to her fiancé Matthew they have two beautiful girls Maya (aged three) and Mila (ten months old). Both working, Maya attends pre-school four days a week and Mila is looked after by her Grandparents.