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How can I help my Teething baby?

How can I help my teething baby?

Nobody likes to see a baby in distress, which is probably why there are so many suggested remedies out there on how to help a teething baby.

Here at Tommee Tippee, we’ve pulled some of them together into this quick reference guide. Please bear in mind though that what one mum swears by may not suit another, so try a few until you find something that works for you and your baby. You’ll know what works for you when you find it!

Ice ice baby

Anything cold will help to numb the pain, so get creative to help with teething. Frozen fruit or vegetables are great for them to gnaw on. Just make sure they are large enough to avoid the danger of choking - a frozen carrot for example, is ideal, as is a chunk of frozen banana.

Yogurt or apple sauce straight from the fridge can provide welcome relief too, as can a good old fashioned ice pop.

There are also a number of refrigerated teethers and soothers available to buy, though some mums swear by a clean washcloth or spoon kept in the fridge for a few hours and then applied to the gums.

Under pressure

If your poor baby is teething, you will likely notice that they are desperate to apply some pressure to sore points on their gums. A teether can help here and you’ll see that some, likes ours, have textured surfaces designed to massage those tiny tender gums.

Is the teether not working? Try rubbing those gums with a clean finger, a clean cold washcloth or even some teething biscuits.


Distracting your little one and giving them lots of extra attention can help a teething baby as it will take their mind off their mouth for a little while. Try reading them their favorite book, playing a well-loved game or simply taking them out for a walk or a drive in the car to help them think about something other than those troublesome gums.

Over the counter

You’ll find many types of teething gel in the pharmacy to either apply directly to their gums or on a teether. For some babies, this can provide some short-term relief (it is usually washed away quickly by all that dribbling mind!). Just remember that these contain a local anaesthetic, so should only be used sparingly. Pain relief, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, are a last resort and it is recommended that you speak to your child’s doctor first.

Go alternative

A recent survey amongst our moms on Facebook highlighted many other favorite remedies. Ideas include:

  • homeopathic teething granules or powders.
  • amber anklets or necklaces.
  • teething jewelery worn by mum for the baby to chew on.
  • peeled ginger rubbed on the gum.
  • cubes of frozen breast milk.

Some say old wives tales and swear by them, so the great debate continues. Good luck finding the ones that help YOUR baby - we’d love to hear your experiences on Facebook.