Parent Diaries

We have a simple approach to things. If there’s one thing we have discovered in recent months, it’s that our vision of life and of each other has not changed!

We started trying for a baby and were so pleased it happened straight away!

Emilie & Antoine, Paris, France

When we met it felt right immediately. After a year and a half of going out together, the desire to have a child came naturally to both of us.

In early February we decided to have a child. A few days later, when I was on a business trip, the first sign came in the form of a sharp pain in the abdomen and chest. I wasn’t sure, so when the test was positive, I cried with joy! Then came the desire to share the happy news with Antoine. When I got back, I gave him the pregnancy test gift wrapped. He thought he was being given a pen! When he understood he was both surprised and overwhelmed. He had tears in his eyes.

First we told our parents over dinner, showing them the first ultrasound. We had varied reactions, between tears on Antoine’s side and astonishment for at least 10 minutes on my side. Everybody was so happy! Our friends were also very happy for us.

In the first few months, I had morning sickness, up until the fourth month, when it disappeared as if by magic. I also had blood flow and water retention problems, not to mention being out of breath when I had a few steps to climb. But apart from that, the pregnancy was a real joy.

Both of us were involved in every stage of the pregnancy and in the antenatal classes. We felt it was important to share these key moments, but we did this with a good deal of detachment, continuing to live our daily lives. Antoine had wanted to be a father for some time and because of his experience as a fireman, he already had a good idea of what a pregnancy was all about.

A lot of my friends have, or are going to have a child. They were the ones I went to for help and advice. On top of that, I work in infant care and I am regularly in contact with future mums. This meant that it was easy to find the information I was looking for. I didn’t exactly have thousands of questions to ask!

Before learning the baby’s sex, we had a small preference for a boy, but all that really mattered was that the baby was in good health. When we learnt that we were expecting a boy and told our families, everyone was delighted. We had agreed on a name for a girl, but it was harder for a boy. We wanted to wait and see the baby to make sure that it was the right one!

We prepared for the birth confidently, without any particular apprehensions. We felt it would be best not to have the epidural, but we would see on the big day.

Everything about our relationship has always happened so quickly. We find it easy to plan ahead and we have always known what we wanted without asking each other questions. We decided to buy a new apartment to prepare for the baby and we moved in a few months later to start life as a family of three.

As a rule, we have had a simple approach to things during this pregnancy. If there’s one thing we have discovered in recent months, it’s that our vision of life and of each other has not changed! We will need to adapt the way we are organised, but it’s for a good reason.

We are aware that the birth of our baby will upset our lives… But don’t people say that becoming a parent is the best job in the world? We don't feel any pressure and actually feel fairly confident. We're mostly just impatient to meet our new baby!

We already agree on the way in which we wish to raise our child. Even if things don’t go as planned, we will try and stick to what we believe to be the best for our child: respecting others, kindness, the value of the family, responsibilities, etc.

If we had to give advice to other parents it would be: Don’t worry, be happy!