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How Many Newborn Clothes Do I Need?

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29 Nov, 2022
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When you���re expecting a baby, there���re lots of different things you need to prepare. One of the most important newborn essentials your baby will need from the get-go is a collection of clothes.

The truth is, it can be a challenge to know which clothes to buy, how many to buy, and when to buy them. Don���t stress, we���re here to help you prepare and buy just the right amount of clothes for your new tiny tot���s wardrobe.

What clothes do newborns need?

When getting clothes for your new baby, it���s a good idea to keep things simple at first. Put together what���s known as a layette, or a set of clothing essentials, that you can then build upon over time.

You can buy more or fewer clothes depending on your preferred laundry schedule and where your baby���s due date falls in the year. For example, little ones will need more layers to wear if they���re born in the winter.

As well as a special occasion outfit or any other adorable pieces that you just love, here���s a simple list of the essential clothing items that a newborn baby needs:

  • 7 x bodysuits (a mix of long and short-sleeved)
  • 2 x wool or cotton cardigans
  • 4 x cotton vests
  • 3-5 x pairs of pants or leggings
  • 2 x wool or cotton hats
  • 4-6 x pairs of socks
  • 2-3 x swaddles
  • 4 x sleepsuits for bedtime
  • 2 x lightweight blankets

If your baby is due during the colder months, you can add:

  • 2 x sweatshirts
  • A pair of mittens
  • A coat or snowsuit
  • 2 x pairs of booties
  • 2 x extra pairs of socks

If your baby is due during the summer, you can add:

  • A wide-brimmed sun hat

Do I need newborn-size clothes?

This all depends on the size and weight of your baby once they���re born. Some little ones need preemie baby-size clothes, some need standard newborn-sized clothes, and others may need clothes in 0-3 months from the get-go! It���s a good idea to:

  • Consider buying size 0-3 month clothes because babies grow fast. These should fit babies who weigh up to 12 pounds and you can always roll up the sleeve and ankles while your baby grows.
  • Buy from different brands, as sizing varies from one retailer to the next.
  • Have some unopened newborn and preemie baby-sized clothes and keep the receipts so they can be returned if they���re not needed.

When do you need to buy newborn clothes?

Some parents wait until after their 12- or 20-weeks scans before they start shopping for their baby. But the truth is, you can begin buying clothes for them whenever you want to before your little one���s arrival.

Just be aware that it���s a good idea to avoid buying too many clothes in a newborn size. Your little one will grow out of them fast!

Tips for buying newborn baby clothes

  • Make a list of the clothes you need and ask for them as gifts.
  • Keep track of what you buy.
  • Create a capsule wardrobe for your little one that���s filled with pieces that can be mixed and matched.
  • If you don���t know your baby���s gender, stick to buying gender-neutral clothing.
  • Shop for clothes for your baby in stages so that you don���t become overwhelmed and don���t spend too much money.
  • Buy seasonal items of clothing as you go to make sure that they���ll fit your baby when they need them.

What should I do with newborn clothes I no longer need?

Many parents wonder what they can do with their baby���s clothes once they���ve grown out of them. After all, it���s a shame to see perfectly good baby clothes go to waste. Let���s run through how you can give your little one���s old clothes a new lease of life:

Pass them on to friends and family

If you know someone who���s pregnant or has a little one who���s younger than your baby, it���s lovely to pass down your baby���s outgrown clothes to them. That way, they can wear (and love) them too! Likewise, if you know someone who has a child who���s older than your little one, why not ask them if they have any hand-me-downs that your baby could wear?

Sell them

Whether you head online to a social networking site, download an app, or visit a market or car boot sale, selling your little one���s clothes is a great way to find them a new home. It also gives you some spare cash to spend on a treat for you and your family. It���s a win-win situation.

Make something special from them

If you have certain baby clothes that you absolutely love but they don���t fit your little one anymore, why not save them and turn them into a keepsake you can hold onto forever? If you or someone you know is a whizz with a sewing machine, you can transform your old baby grows into a string of bunting or a patchwork quilt. There���re also businesses that can make old clothes and textiles into teddy bears or cushion covers.

Donate them

You can gather up any clothes that no longer fit your baby and donate them to those in need. It���s easy. Either drop them off at your local charity shop or donate them to your nearest baby bank. Just make sure that they���re clean and in good condition.

Recycle them

If your little one���s clothes are a bit worse for wear and can���t be sold or donated, the next best thing for you to do is pop them in a clothes and textiles recycling bin or collection bag.

You can find your local clothing and recycling point by popping your postcode into the Recycle Now website.