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Postpartum Stories: Parenting After Birth

Published On
24 Feb, 2022
Read Time
3 minutes

Real parents tell us the truth about their postpartum experiences.

Home truths, ugly truths, honest truths and naked truths. The truth is that after 50 years of supporting parents all around the world, we���ve learned everyone���s everyday is different. And that���s okay.

Danielle's Story

"The truth is that the postpartum period is not spoken about enough. The fourth trimester as it's now known is a lot! After the birth of my first baby, I can remember thinking 'wow, what is this?', it really hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I think that preparing while you're pregnant is key and really pays off once baby arrives. I always advise friends who are expecting to really prepare for that time in advance. You can prep meals and keep them in the freezer, arrange what support you're going to have around you, and mentally prepare to feel overwhelmed and tired.

It's a real season of change, and post-labour you need to be kind to yourself and know that it���s going to take time for you to find your new groove and daily rhythm.

For some, postpartum is just really tough, I've had friends who have experience depression. Some have sought help, and others haven���t, and I can see the difference. So, my advice is to always seek help if you feel low and overwhelmed.

On the flip side, it���s also a joyous time filled with learning, bonding and the realisation that you've got a beautiful little person in your life now who wasn���t here before!

I think the term 'baby bubble' is pretty accurate. You're in awe of what's just happened and what's ahead. If you don���t want to go out and see people and just want to stay in with your baby, that's okay. Take time to find your feet and enjoy those early days because you won't ever get them back.

If you're not ready for visitors, just let people know and they will understand. There'll be plenty of time for coffee catch ups and playdates in the near future!"

Jessa and Jaryd's Story

"Before you become a parent, people either tell you that postpartum is so hard or that it's the most magical, perfect time and that everyone loves the newborn stage. The truth is that both are true!

You have high highs and low lows. Your hormones and sleep levels fluctuate constantly and it's a pretty wild ride! In the end, it's so worthwhile.

To new parents we say, be kind to yourself, trust your own instinct, prepare as much as you can, listen to others and do research, but remember that ultimately, what you decide to do on your parenting journey is your choice and totally unique to you!"

Sarah and Laura's Story

"The truth is that the postpartum stage isn't really talked about as much as it should be. If it is talked about, I think you just don���t realise what it's going to be like until it happens to you.

The postpartum stage does take a toll on your relationship. You're both so tired and navigating new roles. For us, we went from parents of one to parents of two, which is a completely different ball game.

Both physically and mentally you don���t feel the same as you used to and it's a learning process as you understand how to be your new self. It's a beautiful thing, but it's also difficult." ��� Laura


"The truth is, I don���t think you can ever be fully prepared for the postpartum stage. Even though we have two daughters, our experience after each baby arrived has been very different.

The first time around we had more time and were able to give our new baby a lot more attention. Whereas the second time, there was a lot of figuring things out on the fly, but we were also a little more confident.

Truthfully, parenting is a challenge that a lot of us are winging!" ��� Sarah

If this content reminds you of your own experiences or makes you think of someone you know and you feel concerned or uncomfortable, please head to our support page for information about perinatal mental health resources that may be able to help.