What to wear

What should my baby wear to sleep? 

Wondering what to dress baby in at night? We don't want them to be too cold or too hot and their sleepwear should fit just right to be as comfy as can be for a snoozy night's sleep.

Let us take you through the ins and outs…


Baby wearing Swaddle Wrap

0-3 Months

Swaddling your little one snug can help them settle for longer… But what should they be wearing underneath and when is right time to age up?


Baby wearing snuggle

0-9 Months

Combining the comfort of swaddling and the ease of the sleepbag, the snuggle is perfect for transition from newborn to big baby. But when exactly is the right time?

Sleepbag & Steppee

Baby wearing Grobag Sleepbag

6-36 Months

When your little one starts being not so little, they'll need some sleepwear that is perfectly designed for them and their growing bodies. But which one is just right?

How to choose

Within our range of sleepwear options, we also have a variety of sizes and tog ratings available! Select a sleepwear that is designed perfectly around your little one and their needs.

Simply click on the product you'd like more info on and select the 'Size & Tog Selector' button.

Then all you need to do is enter your baby's age, their weight and the temperature of the room they'll be sleeping in. You'll then receive the recommended size and tog and some more info about what they should be wearing for bed.

Then all you have to do is add it your basket.

Give it a go yourself!

Product Approximate child age Minimum child weight Maximum Child Weight Child height
Swaddle 0-3 months 2.27kg / 5lb 5.55kg / 12lb Up to 60 cm
Snuggle 0-4 months 3.17kg / 7lbs 6.12kg / 13lbs 51-62 cm
Snuggle 3-9 months 5.4kg / 12lbs 8.6km / 19.2lbs 60-71 cm
Sleepbag / Steppee 6-18 months 8.16kg / 18lbs 11.4kg / 25lbs 65-80 cm
Sleepbag / Steppee 18-36 months 11.4kg / 25lbs 80-95 cm

0.2 Tog 1.0 Tog 2.5 Tog 3.5 Tog
Hotter climates and rooms Summer and daytime naps, warmer weather and in warm rooms All year round, for standard rooms Cold Temperatures for cold rooms
24°C (75ºF) and above 20-24°C (68-75ºF) 16-20°C (61-68ºF) 16°C (61ºF) and below

Please remember that these are recommendations only as all babies are different!

And if you're struggling with your room temperature…

The Groegg2 is our handy gadget to let you know the temperature in your baby's room and give you that extra bit of reassurance that they're wearing the correct sleepwear.

This easy to use night light displays colour coded temperature ranges in order to provide your little one with a safe and snug sleep environment.

Groegg 2 Red

24°C and above


Groegg2 Orange



Groegg2 Yellow



Groegg2 Blue

16°C and below


Boy, is it hot

Experts recommend that the temperature of your nursery is between 16-20 degrees.

However, when the temperatures spike, it can be difficult to achieve that. Here are a few tips for cooling down your little one’s room in the summer months:

• During the day, keep windows and curtains closed

• Use an electric fan to keep air circulating (the sound of the fan might actually help them sleep, too!)

• Put a bowl of ice in front of the fan to create a low-tech air conditioner!

• Consider moving your child to a cooler part of your house

• Use a Groegg to keep an eye on the changing temperature of your child’s room and make informed decisions on their clothing and bedding

Safe Sleepwear

All our baby sleepwear is designed to keep your baby sleeping soundly, no matter how much they wriggle about during the night.