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It's a rollercoaster

Some days you’ll totally rock at this parenting thing. Others… you just have to roll with it. Just like you, we’re always finding another way, a better way, an easier way of solving everyday parenting challenges. Parents (and there are plenty of us here at Tommee Tippee) help generate the spark of ideas that a team of people nurture and grow until every detail is just right. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 50 years and we’ll never tire of it. When we make something that mums and dads, friends and families tell us really helps, it inspires us to do it all over again.

Where it all began

A long time ago, three brothers created a new kind of cup that didn’t tip over... was great for babies and almost as important, meant less mess for parents too. From humble beginnings to award-winning teats (shaped like a breast because babies prefer it that way) to safer sleeping bags that help babies and their tired parents get more Zzzz… we help mums and dads enjoy the rollercoaster ride of bringing up baby.

There for you, shoulder to shoulder, boob to boob

We’re here for the parents, not the babies (that’s your job). We know that parents are made, not born. There are highs, there are lows and then everything in between. Through all of that we know you need someone to rely on, someone who gets it. We get it. Whether that’s giving you simple and intuitive products, to make your days that little bit easier. Or standing up for mums everywhere, with our #TheBoobLife campaign. We’re here for you.

Rub. Stretch. Impact. Pull. The soother

Quality Matters

We put every product through rigorous quality tests to make sure they’re safe for baby and easy to use for mums and dads. Take our soothers for example, every batch of those little suckers goes through 23 different safety and reliability tests. One of the pull tests actually proves they can stand up to the equivalent weight of 20kg!

Making a difference to our world

From newborn to toddler...

We are on a sustainability journey without an end, moving forward on our mission of making the world a better place for our babies to grow up in and evolving it as we go along, always striving for better.

Every baby has the right to a great start in life and it’s our responsibility to ensure that the world they are born into is set up to provide it for them. This means protecting the planet today so they can live well in it tomorrow and ensuring the society they will grow up in will help them to shine bright.

Read all about our Brighter Futures plan here.

Here to help when you need it

We recognise the ups and the downs on the parenting rollercoaster. It isn’t all perfect when you raise a baby and that’s perfectly fine. So we’re always here at the end of the phone, or a live chat click away. We won’t make you jump through endless web pages to reach us. You can get in touch with us however you want – call, email, social, live chat (maybe not pigeon). Because we know when you need product advice or something isn’t quite working as you expected, you need to get it sorted.

We're people too

At Tommee Tippee, we’re an army of people who love what we do.

We’ve spent over 50 years championing everything it takes to be a parent. At feed time, mealtime, bath time, change time and sleep time. Making things easier when we can, always listening, creating, and inventing.


Helping you, Parent On.