Finding Out You're Pregnant: Australian Parent's Stories

Published On
15 Feb, 2023
Read Time
9 minutes

When you first discover that you're pregnant, you might feel happy, excited, shocked, confused, or upset.

The truth is, there's no right way to feel when you see a positive pregnancy test, and everybody is different! We've spoken to real parents and asked them to tell us how they really felt when they found out they were pregnant.

Codi's Story

"We found out when I was about six weeks pregnant after over three years of infertility problems and multiple doctor and fertility specialist appointments. I was shocked, confused, surprised, and scared, but also excited.

It was the most amazing feeling finally getting the second line on a test after countless amounts of negative tests.

The next scary part was thinking about how I was going to fit into my already paid for wedding dress as we were due to be married three weeks after our baby girl's due date! But in the end, it didn't matter because we were, finally, finally pregnant!

Getting a positive pregnancy test result will forever be the most emotional but amazing memory for myself and my husband."

Stacey's Story

"After being married for two years, building a home together with two fur babies I felt it was time to extend our family. I remember talking to my partner and we both agreed we were ready. 

About a month later I felt slightly bloated and knew it was around time for my period to show. I decided to sneak off to the bathroom to take a test whilst hubby was watching TV in the lounge. I remember feeling calm while waiting for the test to develop.

Then I looked down and hello, there it was - a line. Slightly faint, but a line nonetheless. Oh my god! Could I be pregnant?

Then that clich�� moment where I felt like my life was flashing before my eyes. I had a rush of immense excitement and even shed a little happy tear!

Then, suddenly, all these other intense feelings flooded me. Oh no! I will have to give birth, how will I even survive that? Won't it grow to be like a watermelon? I'm going to be a mummy! Ooh yay baby shopping! And a baby shower! How excited will the family be?

I was then anxious of all the things unknown to me. It was the best and most scary life changing moment I have ever had!

I wanted to surprise my hubby, so after work that next day I left a little hint with a gift, card, and the test on the bed for him to find. He walked into the room, and I heard him yell out 'what is this?' I told him to open the card and find out. At this point he was still completely puzzled. He then came out with 'what else did you buy and how much did it cost?', I replied with 'I'm pregnant!' and the penny then dropped, and I could see him taking it all in. It wasn't how I thought the surprise was going to go!"

Cassandra's Story

"When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon but scared all at the same time.

Unfortunately, we had been trying for about five or six months after we lost our first little bubs, but once we passed the point of being scared, we started getting more and more excited. Now that he has arrived and we can hold him in our arms, we can't wait to have a second one already, and I'm sure we will feel just as excited as the first time."

Saraya's Story

"I fell pregnant with my second baby when my first was only three months old!

To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. I cried for multiple nights as I thought I was selfish for bringing another baby into our family when my little girl had hardly had any time to be our only baby.

I didn't completely accept the pregnancy until I was about four or five months along and could feel my baby boy moving and kicking!

My babies are now 12 months and five days apart. I have a 19-month-old daughter and a seven-month-old son, and I'm beyond in love".

Christina's Story

"Shocked, nervous, scared, surreal. I took about six pregnancy tests to make sure it was happening.

I felt like it was the wrong time. We had just put every single dollar we had saved up into buying an investment property (which also needed more money spent to fix up) when I found out. So, money was a huge factor as people say babies cost a fortune! 

But she's here now and is two months old and I have managed perfectly fine. The smiles she gives me make the worries go away!"

Nadia's Story

"When I first found out I was pregnant I had very mixed emotions. I was excited, overjoyed but also scared and afraid.

I was afraid of how we would cope both emotionally and financially as we already had a five-year-old daughter! I decided to go with the flow and now concentrate on my health. After the nine-week mark of pregnancy I had abdominal pains and required an ultrasound. That was when I found out I was having twins, OMG the fear.

We had a small house, a small car, and average paying jobs, not to mention the impact on my health! I developed gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and not to mention fortnightly ultrasounds.

But now my twin girls are four months old and even though my life is challenging to say the least, I love them more than words can describe!"

Tina's Story

"When I fell pregnant, I was only 23 and it came as a great surprise to myself and my boyfriend (now husband). I took the test because I had been experiencing odd cramps however my period wasn't even late yet. When it came back positive, I cried for three hours straight and had a sickening feeling in my stomach for weeks. It just felt like a nightmare I wasn't waking up from. I was mainly worried about how my family would take it rather than being upset about having a child.

Breaking the news to my family was the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life. Thoughts of disownment and being thrown out onto the street did occur to me. They did not take the news well at first and it was a difficult few months.

But now that my little one is here, my entire family are absolutely in love with him. They plan their entire lives to spend time with him and he's by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't imagine a life that didn't include him".