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How To Sterilise Baby Bottles When Travelling

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15 Aug, 2021
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Getting out of the house with your little one is a part of everyday life - whether you're going to play in the park, away on holiday, visiting family members, or popping to the shops - but we know it's not always straight forward.

Bottle feeding on-the-go needn't be stressful thanks to our travel sterilising range. Practical and portable, these products make sure that your baby's bottles are germ-free and ready to go, and that their tummy stays protected from germs when you're away from home.

Portable Sterilising Solutions

Micro-Steam Microwave Steriliser

Ideal if you're taking a trip away, our compact Micro-Steam Steriliser uses natural steam to thoroughly clean every surface, so there's no need for chemicals. Just pop it in a microwave and job done.

Travel Steriliser Bags

A quick and convenient way to sterilise breast pumps, soothers or baby bottles and teats on the go, each one of these zip-lock bags can be re-used up to 30 times. Simply add water, then microwave for 90 seconds to get rid of any harmful bacteria.

Sterilising Tablets

These are another practical option when it comes to sterilising on-the-go as they can be used with cold water. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and be sure to leave all feeding equipment in the solution for at least 30 minutes before rinsing and drying.

Travel Sterilising FAQs

Can I use the water abroad to sterilise bottles?

Always check to see if drinking the local water is recommended first. If it is allowed, then be sure to boil it first and don't use previously boiled water.

How long does a sterilised bottle stay sterilised?

After sterilisation, bottles will stay sterile for 24 hours when stored properly. Remember to put the teats and lids on the bottle straightaway, and wash and dry your hands before handling sterilised equipment.