Let us do the thinking for you...

When your prepping for your little one’s arrival there are a lot of things to think about!

How will you be feeding them? Is their nursery all set up? Do you have the right cleaning supplies? And so on, and so on! You’d think you’re gonna need a shopping list as long as your arm, right? Maybe not!

We’ve compiled a bunch of money (and stress) saving bundles to help prepare you for your baby arriving on the scene. From feeding bundles, to our well-loved Ollie the Owl newborn bundles – we have just about everything you’ll need to make your babies arrival as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Save stress, save money

At Tommee Tippee, we have one simple mission: to make life simpler for real families. We understand exactly what you need to tackle the arrival of a newborn – we’re not saying it’s going to be smooth sailing because you have the right products – but it certainly helps.

If you’re a new parent, there a lot of gizmos and gadgets you’ll need that you probably never thought about and, as the list gets bigger, so does the price. The best and most frugal way of getting baby ready is buying bundles and saving yourself the hassle of separately purchasing every little thing. You’d be very surprised at the amount of money you’ll save just from buying bundles, you might even end up getting products completely free!

Baby Get Ready Bundle

Get baby ready  

Getting ready for your little one’s arrival is so exciting… or in other words, overwhelming. For someone so tiny, they sure need a lot of stuff. Luckily for you, we have just the thing to prepare you for feeding, sleeping, comforting, nappy changing & basic baby healthcare!  

No need to thank us, it’s what we do.  

complete bottle feeding bundle

Bottle feeding starts right here

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Babies need to feed, a lot. And if you’re bottle feeding, you’re going to need some kit. Introducing our Complete Bottle Feeding Bundle to make mealtimes super easy & super speedy! Complete with our Super-Steam Electric Steriliser and our Perfect Prep Day & Night machine, plus bottles, soothers, teats, storage and so on…
you’re all good to go!  

Expressing Bundle

Breastfeeding sorted!

Surely all you need to breastfeed is… breasts? Well, kind of but there’s some stuff you might not have thought about.  

You need places to store your breast milk, sterilising equipment, bottles if your expressing or combination feeding, breast pumps along with a lot of other gadgets that make breastfeeding life a whole lot easier.  

Our Made for Me Expressing Bundle was designed to look after Mums, with disposable breast pads and nipple shields to ensure you stay your happy, confident self. The soft, silicone cup on our Electric Breast pump is made to mimic a baby’s natural feeding action, whilst providing gentle and efficient expression. All of this bundled together means incredible value and a hassle-free breastfeeding journey!  

Ollie the Owl Bundle

Safe & comfy sleep

There are a lot of final touches that you can add to your nursery to make your baby feel comfortable and safe while they’re in there – as well as making sure they (you) get some much-needed sleep!  

Our Groegg2 gives you peace of mind at a glance, letting you know the temperature of your baby’s room and helping you get them ready bedtime. Plus, Ollie the Owl listens to your baby throughout the night and activated soothing sounds when your baby cries, to help them drift back to sleep… bliss.  

These, combined with our Original Grobag Snuggle & Night Time Soothermakes for the perfect sleep time bundle! 

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Some things to keep in mind  

Advanced Anti-colic Bundle

Advanced Anti-Colic Expressing Bundle

We know that your newborn probably has more stuff than you at this point, but there’s still some things to keep in mind when buying for your baby.  

Have you thought about any anti-colic solutions? While a lot of baby’s experience colic, it can be handy to try and prevent this as much as we can. The unique anti-colic venting system on our Advanced anti-colic bottle draws air away from milk, meaning 80% fewer colic symptoms such as wind, reflux and fussing. These are included in our Advanced Anti-Colic Expressing Bundle, which also provides you with everything you need for combination feeding your little one.  

Twist & Click Nappy Bin

Twist & Click Nappy Bin Bundle

Something else you might not have thought about is all those trips to the outside bin with disposable nappies… not fun! And let us tell you – babies poop all the time. We have a solution that fits neatly into any room, locks in bad smells and kills 99% of dangerous germs!  

Our Twist & Click Nappy Bin individually wraps each nappy, in sustainably sourced and recyclable GREENFILM, and seals them away until you’re ready to get rid! PLUS, we’ve popped it into a bundle with 6 refills, just for you.

Free gift offers

As well as giving you money and stress-saving bundles – we’re also gifting you with some free stuff!

Woohoo! So if you’re not quite ready for a bundle, or if you’re just buying one or two extras, you’re still saving some money.

Perfect Prep Day & Night

Free filters with our Perfect Prep Day & Night

When you purchase our incredible Perfect Prep Day & Night Machine (that preps formula in 2 minutes), we’re also giving you 3 filters worth £21.

Free Nipple Cream with our Electric Breast Pump

Free Nipple Cream with our Electric Breast Pump

The Made for Me Electric Breast Pump is a quick, silent & speedy way to pump on the go. And now we’re giving you some free Nipple Cream, made from completely natural ingredients, to make your pumping journey as smooth as possible.

Free bottles with our Advanced Steri-Dryer Electric Steriliser

Free bottles with our Advanced Steri-Dryer Electric Steriliser

When you purchase our incredible Perfect Prep Day & Night Machine (that preps formula in 2 minutes), we’re also giving you 3 filters worth £21.  

Free Healthcare Kit with our Twist & Click Starter Set

Free Healthcare Kit with our Twist & Click Starter Set

Our Twist & Click Starter Set already gives you 6 refills at a bargain price – and now we’re giving you a completely free Healthcare Kit (including a digital thermometer, baby nail scissors and more) worth £17.99!  

Free Grobag Easy Swaddle with our Sleepee Basket

Free Grobag Easy Swaddle with our Sleepee Basket

Gently rock your little one to sleep with our modern, portable baby Moses basket – perfect for keeping your newborn nearby during the day or at night. Plus, get yourself a free Grobag Easy Swaddle worth £18.99!