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Travel Starsuit


It’s great to see that you’ve purchased a Tommee Tippee Travel Starsuit™.

To help you get started and to let you know how to use it safely, we’ve filled this product support page with all the guidance you should need, plus some handy hint and tips.

Travel Starsuit Features & Benefits

How can I use the Travel Starsuit™ with a car seat?

Less bulky than a typical baby sleepsuit or coat, our Starsuit™ doesn’t modify or interfere with the function of a car seat. 

For use in car seat please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Place your baby into the car seat.
  2. Open the zips and feed the car seat buckle through the back opening of the Starsuit™. 
  3. Fasten the car seat straps as recommended by the manufacturer, keeping them visible at all times.

When using the Tommee Tippee Travel Starsuit™ in a car seat, keep both zips open and move the sides of the Starsuit™ out of the way, this will ensure that there’s no bulk to interfere with the safe fitting of your baby car seat. 

What tog is the Travel Starsuit™ available in?

Our Travel Starsuit™ comes in a 2.5 tog rating to keep your baby cosy, in cool to warm weather.

Because all babies are different, we recommend that you check on your baby regularly by placing your hand on their skin to make sure that they’re not too hot or cold. Don't go by their hands or feet, as they'll often feel cooler.

How do I wash my Travel Starsuit™?

The Travel Starsuit™ has the following washing information...

  • It can be cleaned in a washing machine on a gentle warm wash. 
  • Remember to close all zippers before washing and wash all dark colours separately and reshape whilst damp. 
  • You can dry your Travel Starsuit™ in a tumble dryer on a low heat. 
  • Your Travel Starsuit™ can’t be dry cleaned and should be kept away from bleach. 

Where's the care label on my Travel Starsuit™?

As this product is reversible the care label has been hidden in a little pocket, so it won’t show when in use on the reversible side. There’s a little pocket on the Grofriend printed side, just below the star woven tog label. The care label can be located here, neatly tucked away.

Does the Travel Starsuit™ come in any other age stages?

The Travel Starsuit™ only comes in one size. It’s suitable for use from birth to 6 months, for babies weighing between 3.6kg - 8.1kg/8lbs - 18lbs and measuring between 51-65cm in height.  


  • Do not use the Travel Starsuit™ in combination with a duvet or blanket.
  • Do not use the Travel Starsuit™ as a sleeping bag.