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Getting started

Great to see that you’ve purchased a Tommee Tippee Silicone Breast Pump. To help you get started and to keep it working effectively, we’ve added all the guidance you should need, plus some handy hints, tips and troubleshooting advice.

How do I use my silicone breast pump?

Unless you’ve been told otherwise, the best time to try your breast pump for the first time is after your baby’s first feed of the day.

Make sure you’re in a comfortable position and try to relax.

  1. Squeeze the bottom part of the pump gently.
  2. Gently place the cup onto your breast, with your nipple and areola in the center.
  3. Release your hand.
  4. Your nipple should sit and seal around the narrow neck of the pump and be gently drawn into the bottle as you release your hand. There is no need to seal the whole pump with your breast or push your breast into the pump.
  5. The pump will now stay in place and apply a gentle suction to your breast.
  6. You may need to support your pump depending on your individual fit and the amount of milk in the pump.
  7. You may need to try a few slightly different positions to find where it’s most comfortable to place the pump on your breast.


How do I use my silicone breast pump to catch let-down milk?

When nursing on one breast many mums find that they naturally produce some milk from the other breast. You can use your Made for Me silicone breast pump to catch any milk you produce from the opposite breast while nursing.

  1. Attach your silicone breast pump as above.
  2. If you are already producing milk, then leave the pump in place to collect it.
  3. If you need to stimulate let-down, gently squeeze the pump a few times or massage your breast until your milk starts to flow.
  4. Nurse your baby on your opposite breast while using the silicone pump to catch your let-down milk.


How do I use my silicone breast pump as a manual breast pump?

  1. Attach your silicone breast pump as above.
  2. Squeeze the pump base and release to gently pump milk from your breast. Repeat to pump milk.
  3. If you need to stimulate milk flow, gently squeeze the pump a few times or massage your breast until your milk starts to flow.
  4. You may find it more comfortable to support the pump as it fills with breast milk.


What do I do when I want to stop or pause pumping?

When your milk is no longer freely flowing, remove the pump from your breast.

Place your silicone breast pump on a level surface. The silicone breast pump has a suction base that will attach to a clean dry surface to keep it upright and prevent any accidental spills.

Decant your milk into a clean, sterilized bottle or pouch using the spout.

Use the tab on the base to release the suction to allow you to lift the silicone breast pump up, or tilt it at a 45°angle before lifting.

Don’t pull your silicone breast pump vertically from a surface that it’s stuck to without releasing the suction as you may damage it.

How do I use my silicone breast pump when I’m out and about?

Your Tommee Tippee Made for Me Silicone Breast Pump is designed to give you the freedom to express/pump breast milk at home, at work or anywhere that’s comfortable for you.

Important things to remember:

  • To keep your breast pump sterile on the go, carry it in a Tommee Tippee Travel and Microwave Sterilizer bag.

Always store your breast pump handset in a cool, dry place away from heat and moisture and out of direct sunlight.

Cleaning & Maintenance

How do I clean my silicone breast pump?

Wash your silicone breast pump in clean soapy water. Don’t use water that you’ve used for cleaning other products.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


How do I sterilize my silicone breast pump?

Sterilize your silicone breast pump using either cold water sterilization, the included microwave sterilizer bag, microwave sterilization, boiling water, or electric steam sterilization.

For best results use Tommee Tippee electric or microwave sterilizers.


What should I do if using the breast pump is painful?

Using your breast pump shouldn’t hurt. If it does, try a gentler pressure. Then check your breasts. If you have any red or hot areas, stop using the breast pump and get in touch with your breastfeeding advisor as soon as possible.

Remember, you’re not trying to suck milk out. It comes from just behind your nipple. pressure that feels most comfortable and allows you to express your milk.


How do I place the breast pump on my breast?

When pumping your nipple should sit comfortably in the center of the silicone cup and will be extended down the tube of by gentle suction. The pump creates a seal around your areola and nipple. You do not need to cover the whole of your areola or breast covered by the horn. Do not force your breast or nipple into the horn.

Every mum is different. You may only produce a little milk, or flow freely. You may produce more milk at different times of the day (morning or evening) or different volumes from one breast to another.

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