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Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Gro Anywhere Blind.

How do I use the Ollie the Owl Grofriend?

Ollie the Owl has switches in his wings and feet which allow you to choose different settings. When we describe these settings we use left and right from Ollie’s point of view, not as you look at him.

Use the master on/off switch on the battery pack inside the closure on Ollie’s back to turn him on. Click Ollie’s right wing to activate the Sound and CrySensor. The first click will play a gentle Lullaby, the second click will play white noise static. Both sounds will play for 20 minutes before the CrySensor turns on. Click Ollie’s left wing to activate the soothing sounds of Heartbeat or Rainfall which will play for 20 minutes before they automatically turn off.

Squeezing Ollie’s right foot will turn on lights in his tummy with the option of four levels of brightness. Squeezing his left foot changes the volume of sounds and music and activates it in silent mode.


What is the CrySensor?

The CrySensor allows your Grofriend to listen out for noises made by baby and to automatically start playing soothing sounds to help settle your child back to sleep. Ollie can hear all noises within a room but is specifically programmed to react to crying or sharp sounds which may disturb your child.


How does it work?

When you turn on the CrySensor Ollie quietly listens for the next three hours. If her hears your child stir within that time then he’ll play either a lullaby or white noise static (depending on what you choose) for 20 minutes. He will then go back to listening. Every time he hears your child stir, he will play the sounds for 20 minutes and start listening for another three hours. If your little one is is having a restless night Ollie may continuously play the chosen sound until they settle.


Which sounds are available when the CrySensor is activated?

The CrySensor is available on Ollie’s right wing and plays the Lullaby or White Noise static. The Heartbeat and Rainfall sounds are activated from Ollie’s left wing but do not have the CrySensor facility.


What happens if you press a button when your Ollie is in CrySensor mode?

If you press any other buttons whilst in CrySensor mode, you will turn off the sensor and your Ollie will stop listening.


How do I check the CrySensor is working?

To check the CrySensor, turn it on by clicking Ollie’s right wing then clap next to him to hear your chosen sound.


Where should I put my Grofriend?

Place Ollie where your baby can see and hear him and where he can listen in CrySensor mode. Toys should not be placed on the mattress inside a sleeping baby’s cot so use Ollie’s Velcro loop to attach him to the cot or place him on furniture nearby.


How do I turn my Grofriend off?

If three hours passes without Ollie hearing your child stir, the CrySensor will automatically turn off. You can use the master power switch to turn Ollie off completely.


How many lights are there on your Grofriend?

There are four light levels including no light, all of which can be activated via Ollie’s right foot.


How do I adjust the volume?

Adjust the volume by clicking your Grofriend's left foot.


How do I activate the sound?

Turn on the sound by clicking your Grofriend's wings.

 Right wing

 Left wing

 Activates CrySensor

 Lullaby or white noise static

 Rainfall or Heatbeat



Does my Grofriend need batteries?

Yes, he will need 4 AA batteries – these are not provided with the product.


How do I know when the batteries run out?

Ollie’s lights will dim and his sounds become less clear as his batteries begin to run out.


How do I conserve batteries?

To maximise your battery life, try some of the following tips:

  • Reduce the sound and brightness
  • Use longer life batteries
  • Move Ollie further away from your baby. If he’s too close he may react to quieter sounds.

When your baby is young and wakes frequently Ollie’s batteries will get used up more quickly. As your baby grows older, gets into a routine and sleeps for longer periods, Ollie will go longer before he needs new batteries.


Can I use rechargeable batteries?

Yes, you can use rechargeable batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries. Remove rechargeable batteries from Ollie before you charge them.


How do I make the CrySensor more sensitive?

If you want Ollie to react more quickly to noises when in listening mode make sure there's no barrier between your child and their Grofriend, but do not put him in the cot or Moses basket. Use the Velcro loop to attach Ollie to a cot or Moses basket, and make sure his tummy is facing your baby his tummy is facing the Moses basket.


How do I make my Grofriend's CrySensor less sensitive?

If Ollie is reacting to too many noises, move him a little further away from your baby.


How do I care for my Grofriend?

Ollie is a surface wash only toy due to his electrical components. Please do not put him in the washing machine or tumble dryer. Just wipe him over with a damp cloth. Do not use any chemicals as it may affect the fabrics or transfer to your child’s environment.


Can I put my Grofriend in the cot with my baby?

No. The Lullaby Trust recommends you keep your baby’s cot clear with no bumpers, toys or pillows. Ollie has a secure hanging loop which means he can be hung on the outside of the cot.


Help - my Grofriend does not play sound or light?

Check the master power switch is in the ‘on’ position. If Ollie is till will not working, check his batteries and replace them if necessary. If you are still having problems then contact our customer care team.


What age is Ollie suitable for?

Ollie is suitable from birth to soothe a newborn and can be used with your child as they grow. Because he has buttons in his wings and feet, toddlers can work out how to play sounds and lights for themselves.

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