Groegg (with USB)

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Peace of mind at a glance

Easy to read room thermometer reminding you to change the baby’s bedding, clothing or adjust the room temperature if required


A gentle nightlight to check on your baby in the night

Safer sleep

Use the color guide of the Groegg to choose which tog Grobag to wear for a comfortable night's sleep

Accurate reading

The Groegg thermometer is calibrated for accuracy

There's enough to think about with a new baby, and the Groegg makes it easy to ensure your baby is sleeping in a cozy environment. 

Health professionals recommend the temperature of the baby’s sleeping environment should ideally be maintained between 61-67 degrees. The Groegg is a unique color-changing nursery thermometer that provides safety reassurance at a glance, so you know whether to adjust the room temperature, change the baby’s bedding, or switch out their clothing to keep them cozy, safe, and comfortable. The Groegg also works as a gentle night light, offering enough light to check on your baby in a darkened room.

Our Grobag wearable blankets use the same tog and color guidance as the Groegg, making them a perfect pair for any nursery. 

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