Groclock & Groblind Bedtime Routine Ollie Steppee Bundle


Although warmer weather is on the horizon, so are lighter evenings and messed up sleep routines. We're here to help you through it with our night owl survival kit!

The Groclock helps children who are too young to read an ordinary clock to understand when it's time to get up. 

Shut out bright daylight from pouring in with our Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind. Perfect for creating a nice snoozy environment.

The Grobag Steppee gives your child all the comfort and safety of a sleep bag but with the freedom to walk, jump and play. 6-18m is suitable for children 18-25lbs / 8.16–11.34 kg (65-80cm) 18-36m is suitable for children from 25lbs / 11.34 kg upwards (80-95cm)

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Everyone needs a bit more sleep and the Groclock can help with easy to understand pictures telling toddlers when it's time to get up and when it's time to stay in bed.


Creates a dark sleeping environment


Easily to use the Gro Anywhere Blind can be set up in minutes


Help older children learn to read the time with a digital clock display

The Groclock helps the entire family to manage its sleep patterns. By aiding children's understanding of day and night, it can help prevent early morning wake up calls.


With light summer mornings or changes in time, toddlers get confused knowing when it is time to get up. The Groclock has an easy to understand illuminated LCD display that indicates when children should be sleeping and when they can get up, using friendly graphics to show the time.

Easy to understand

By counting down the stars and waiting for the screen to turn yellow, children learn what time they can get out of bed – as set by their parents. The Groclock teaches a healthy sleep routine which can transform families’ lives.

Bedtime book

A free bedtime story book explains why it's important to use the clock. Special features include a digital clock display for older children, key lock option, silent operation, day-time nap mode and, adjustable screen brightness and audible alarm.


Our Ollie Dreams Steppee comes in 1.0 and 2.5 togs so there is something for every home, whatever the weather. Then the fun bit, choose the design and size. Look at the age and length of your baby to get the perfect fit. If you need any help with what your little one needs to wear under our Grobag Steppee - check out our handy what to wear guide. 2.5 Tog 16-20°C (61-68°F)

All year round, for standard rooms 1.0 Tog 20-24°C (68-75°F) Summer and daytime naps, warmer weather and in warm rooms

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Star rating is 1 of 5.
Its never stayed up. Its never kept the light out. I'm having to put it back 2 or 3 times a day. It's awful. It wakes my son up.
Star rating is 1 of 5.
Complete waste of money, suction cups do not stick properly to windows so parts just fall down every 5 minutes. Great idea but a shame it has this fault.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
Well what can I say! It does exactly what you want it to. Make any window completely dark making sleeptime so much easier especially in summer! Im also very impressed with how fast it came too. Very easy to use and store away when not in use.
Star rating is 4 of 5.
This is a great item. In the summer the sun always shines in to my sons bedroom and prevents him from going to sleep or having naps. We have blinds in his room so it is hard to block out the light, but these blinds easily stick to the window and block out the light. The only downside is that it is really huge and I found it tricky and time consuming to get it to the right size.
Star rating is 5 of 5.
Of the blackout curtains I have tried this one takes the cake! Not simply a one layer thick fabric and not just thick plastic.. an awesome combo! I needed something adjustable that would truly keep not only light out but help to keep strict privacy into a room, after searching and trying I’ve now found it. This is an awesome extremely adjustable and secure-able on all four sides. Nice fabric exterior facing both sides with a thick plastic of sorts in between,
Star rating is 5 of 5.
So our little boy will only sleep when it is pitch black! As soon as the sun begins to rise he would wake up and this could be as early as 4am. Since using the blackout blind he has slept till 7am every morning! We feel like new parents! All I can say is thank you we have tried so many other ways of keeping his room dark and it has never worked. This also means he might sleep when he stays over at his grandparents which I know they will appreciate!