Babies love boobs. That’s why all Tommee Tippee bottles have one thing in common:

The most breast-like teat, ever.

Don’t believe us just ask your baby (or you could trust the 97% of mums that recommend them*).

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Closer to Nature Baby Bottle & Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle
Closer to Nature Bottle

Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

Our award-winning Closer to Nature baby bottle, with the most breast-like teat, ever. Features an easy-latch-on teat that mimics the flex, stretch and shape of mum’s breast for guaranteed acceptance**.
Advanced Anti Colic Bottle

Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle

The same breast-like shape and flex plus a venting tube, proven to reduce colic***, that draws air away from milk for less wind, reflux and discomfort.
Less air. More smiles.

3 for 2 on NEW Glass and Silicone bottles*.

*excluded from save 50% offer.

Glass Bottle

Closer to Nature Glass Bottle

Glass is chemical free, odour and stain resistant, long lasting and easy to clean, which makes it an ideal material for baby feeding bottles. 
Silicone Bottle

Closer to Nature Silicone Baby Bottle

Our new super soft silicone baby bottle feels as soft as skin, so it’s comforting to baby’s touch. With our most breast-like teat ever it makes the transition between breast and bottle easy for baby and for you.
Shaped like a breast because babies perfer it that way


Bottle Feeding

So you’re thinking of bottle feeding baby?

You’ll have lots of questions.

* In a 2012 online survey of more than 500 mums who used our Closer to Nature bottles, 97% agreed

** 92% of more than 1200 parents who used our teat with their child recalled that they accepted it within the first 3 attempts

*** We consulted 210 parents who tried using Advanced Anti-colic baby bottles to reduce their child’s colic symptoms and 80% agreed that the bottle had successfully reduced the symptoms (June 2017)