Mushelin Star

Because you don’t have
to be a master chef to cook healthy
meals for your baby.

When it's time to move on from milk...

...it's the start of a great big food adventure with your little one.

And while things might get a little messy, we're here to help make it as fun, healthy and simple as it can be!

So buckle up and get ready to be transformed into the Mushelin Star chef that you really are.

Looking for weaning inspiration?

Stage1 Recipes

Stage 1 Recipes

4m+ Weaning

Stage2 Recipes

Stage 2 Recipes

7m+ Weaning

Stage3 Recipes

Stage 3 Recipes

12m+ Weaning

Here are some products to help...

Quick cook baby food maker

Quick-Cook Baby Food Maker

Be an amazing chef for your baby...
Make nutritious food at the push of a button.

Mini Baby Food Blender

Mini Baby Food Blender

Start your little one’s food adventure with small amounts of puréed food, then progress on to mashed and chunky meals.

Weaning Starter Bundle

Toddler Weaning Kit

Enjoy fuss free mealtimes with everything you need to start
introducing solid food to your baby



As baby grows they’ll want to feed themselves, so spoons and forks with chunky handles help them dive into our easy scoop feeding bowls.