Bathtime fun

Bathtime is splashtime

a chance to play, learn, grow and bond with your little one as they learn to enjoy being in lovely warm water.

Whether you opt for a soothing soak before bedtime or some splashy, messy excitement, we can help you make bathtime, fun, safe and comfortable for you and your water baby.

Now that they’re clean – let’s get them cosy!

This is the fun part – wrapping your little one up in a cute and cosy towel and snuggling them dry or popping a poncho on them and letting them wriggle themselves dryEither way, our super soft towels are the perfect way to unwind after a splashy bath. 

Splashtime Swaddle

Splashtime Swaddle

When your little one is extra little, it’s important to make them feel as safe and warm as possible, just like when they were in Mum’s tum! This Swaddle Dry Towel will give your baby a sense of security to settle them down, just in time for bed.

Splashtime Hug n Dry Hooded Towel

Splashtime Hug n Dry Hooded Towel

Easy as 1, 2, 3… Pop on the adorable hood, wrap the super soft towelling around them and give them a cosy hug. This towel is perfect for keeping baby warm, comfy and cosy after getting clean. 

Hooded Poncho

Hooded Poncho

This one is for the wrigglers! Hugging them dry used to do the trick but, now that they’re big, they need something that’s going to keep them dry when they squirm away. Plus, this adorable poncho keeps the heat in and prevents after-bath chills!  

Learning through play​

Every second of every day, your baby is learning something new. To you it may look like playtime, but to baby it’s the start of their education.

Bathtime is a great time to help your little one develop their hand-eye coordination as they pick up and play with toys in the water. At first, your baby may not seem to have much control over their hand and finger movements, but learning how to squeeze and squish water toys helps them coordinate brain and muscles to develop fine motor skills. And they’ll soon learn that water poured in at the top, comes out at the bottom, to understand that what they do affects the world around them. 

Clean and safe  

Looking after your baby and trying to keep your home clean and tidy may feel like a challenge too far sometimes. That’s why we make all our products as easy to clean as possible. All our bath toys are designed to resist mould and mildew, and if they do get a bit grubby then a quick soak in the dishwasher or the sinkwill sort them out. They’re BPA and BPS-free too, so you have no worries about them being safe for baby to play with.

For all your water adventures

Whether it’s a dash to the bath, a trip to the pool or adventures on the beach, our range of bathtime toys featuring characters from the Grofriends collection is ideal for any kind of water-based fun.

Pour on the giggles with our Stack 'n' pour bath cups that stimulate baby’s senses as they see and feel the water flow in different patterns and learn key development skills whilst enjoying bathtime.

Keep bathtime comfortable for everyone 

While most children love splashing around in the water, bathtime can sometimes be uncomfortable for grown ups. And, dare we say it, sometimes there are tears too.


We’ve got your back

With our Knee 'n' elbow cushioned rest you can watch your child safely in the bath and give your back, knees and elbows a break, using the padded comfort of this easy to use bath rest.

Hair rinser

No more tears

If your little one really doesn’t like the idea of soap in their eyes (who does?) we have the answer to hair washing tears and tantrums.  Our simple and stylish hair rinser makes soapy suds with a gentle rainfall shower or quick rinse without water going in their eyes.

Ollie bath tidy

Ollie bath tidy

Bathtime sometimes feels like one third of the time is spent bathing, two thirds are spent cleaning up – and no one wants that! That’s where our Ollie bath Tidy comes in handy. Hang Ollie on the side of your shower or bath with it’s strong suction cups and then scoop up your little one’s toys and store them till next time – easy!

Bath & Room Thermometer

Bath & Room Thermometer

Worried your water might be too hot for your baby? This nifty product allows you to monitor the temperature of your bathroom or bath water – just tap to activate and the temperature will be displayed in seconds. Plus, it’s super cute and looks great in the bathroom!  

Bathtime = playtime!

Bathtime is the perfect time tteach your baby valuable skills through play! Make bathtime the best part of the day with our range of intelligently designed and super cute bath toys!

Splashtime Waterfall Bath Toy

Splashtime Waterfall Bath Toy

Slide, wobble and splash! Create a splashtime waterpark in your bath with these slippery chutes and bathtime characters.

Stack n Pour Bath Cups

Stack n Pour Bath Cups

Pour on the fun with these stackable cups for water play and learning. 

Squirtee bath floats

Squirtee Bath Floats

Give these adorable pals a little squeeze and get ready to launch a water spray. The little guys also easily pop apart, making them super easy to keep clean!

Splashtime Bubble Blowers

Splashtime Bubble Blowers

Fill splashtime with giggles and frothy fun with these bubbliscious bathtime toys.

Splashtime Spinners

Splashtime Spinners

Set splashtime in a whirl with cute bathtime toys that spin as the water pours.