How we really felt

when we found out we were pregnant...


Like lots of ladies, I knew I was pregnant before I took the test, my body just felt different! We had been trying for such a short space of time that I wouldn’t allow myself to believe I was actually pregnant. I kept putting off the test as I was so scared it was all in my head. I was convinced it would be negative.

One day whilst working from home and battling the early stages of morning sickness (they really should call it all day sickness…), I decided to take a test and was so excited when it revealed our first bubba was on the way. Safe to say the rest of the day was spent daydreaming about the little family of three I’d soon have.

The five hours wait to tell my husband when he got home was unbearable, but his big grin when I told him the news was worth the wait. We are so lucky to have had a healthy pregnancy so far and I can’t wait to meet our baby in around 10 weeks’ time.

Louise. UK


Absolutely shocked, confused, surprised, scared but really really excited.

We found out when I was about 6 weeks pregnant after over 3 years of infertility problems and multiple doctor and fertility specialist appointments.

It was the most amazing feeling finally getting the second line on a test after countless amounts of negative tests.

The next scary part was how am I going to fit into my already paid for wedding dress as we were due to be married 3 weeks after our baby girl’s due date… but who even cared because oh my goodness we were, finally, finally pregnant.

Getting a positive pregnancy test result will forever be the most emotional but amazing feeling for myself and my husband.

Codi. Australia


After being married for two years, building a home together with two fur babies I felt it was time to extend our family. I remember talking to my partner and we both agreed we were ready. 

About a month later I felt slightly bloated and knew it was around time for my TOM (Time of month) to show. I decided to sneak off to the bathroom to take a test whilst hubby was watching tv in the lounge room. I remember feeling calm whilst waiting for the test to develop…

Looked down and hello, there it was a line. Slightly faint but definitely a line. My thought process started "oh my god! Could I be actually pregnant?" 

Then that cliché moment where I felt like my life was flashing before my eyes. I had a rush of immense excitement and even shed a little happy tear! Then, all of a sudden, all these other intense feelings flooded me. Oh no! I will have to give birth; how will I even survive that? Won't it grow to be like a watermelon? I'm going to be a mummy! Ooh yay baby shopping! And a baby shower! How excited will the family be? I was then anxious of all the things unknown to me. It was the best and most scary life changing moment I have ever had!

I wanted to surprise my hubby, so after work that next day I left a little hint with a gift, card and the test on the bed for him to find. He walked into the room and I heard him yell out "what is this?" I told him to open the card and find out. At this point he was still completely puzzled…. surprisingly. He then came out with "what else did you buy and how much did it cost?" I replied with "I'm pregnant!" The penny then dropped, and I could see him taking it all in. It wasn’t how I thought the "surprise" was going to go….!

Stacey. Australia


I came home from work and something told me to take a pregnancy test, I kept them around for when I needed testing so I could answer no I wasn’t ... We had been trying for 14 years. I truly believed I couldn't get pregnant so that is what I told people; we'd come to terms with that. We were also currently in the process to become foster parents.

When my test came out positive, I was shocked and didn't believe it. I text my husband who cried then he brought three more tests home for me to try. They were all positive. We were over the moon, but I was not 100% convinced until I went to the Dr and they confirmed it too. We are still over the moon and he’s 8 months old!

Nancy. USA


When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, we had been trying for a few months. We worked 10-12 hour days in the hot summer sun and lived in a camper for the summer. I had already been feeling some symptoms and was crossing my fingers big time! I couldn’t wait for my husband to be there, so I took the test in the camper on my break and literally jumped for joy when it had two pink lines! The hardest part was staying quiet and waiting all day to finish working and have some time alone to tell him the news! We both sat around that night just hugging and saying “heck yeah! Let’s do this!”

Nikki. USA