How we really felt

just before our due dates...

Ellie, UK

With my first I felt nervous, but I was bracing myself for what was around the corner. I'm pregnant at the moment with our third baby girl due in a couple weeks time. But with my first I really wasn't prepared for what was coming. Being a first-time mum going through a nearly 24-hour labour was like torture but with an indescribable reward at the end. During labour I wanted to give up when I still had another 7 hours to go. I was 2 weeks over my due date and got induced. I had experienced a lot of discomfort and pain the weeks leading up to giving birth. From nerve pain in my legs when I tried laying down to sleep and having to sleep upright in the corner of the room with pillows and waking up with a sore neck to having bad back pain, swollen legs and a painful swelling at the bottom if my belly.

It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions…. I can tell you that! But the moment I was blessed with my beautiful baby girl alive and well in your arms makes it all worth it.❤️

Taleta. AUS


I felt incredibly excited and anxious all at the same time. Anxious about the birth mainly - did I have all the tools I needed to get through? Was it going to be unbearably painful and traumatic? What if things go wrong?

However, super excited to meet my baby I’d been growing and becoming a mother! I wasn’t nervous about looking after the baby or adapting to the lifestyle change or specifically the lack of sleep which everyone talks about, in reality the sleep has been the hardest challenge so far!

Delia. UK

Holly, UK

I didn’t reach my due date because my little girl came early so my reaction was as mix of emotions.

I was mainly in shock that I was in early stages of labour, I thought I was having braxton hicks! We went to the day assessment unit at the hospital, and it turned out I was 4cm dilated and was going to be having my daughter later that night… (well the early hours of the morning!)

It was the best feeling and most scary all at the same time. The pandemic made everything feel more uncertain, the fears of getting Covid and not being able to have our parents there for emotional support. But me and my partner got through it as a team, and we have a beautiful daughter together ❤️

Holly. UK


I loved being pregnant but there was so many symptoms that I never knew about. People don’t discuss the weird stuff enough! I had a moment of anxiety around labour but that didn’t last long at all. I spent most of my pregnancy really excited for labour just to experience it!

Eliza. UK


I felt ready to have the baby!! I was so excited to meet her and couldn't wait to hold her and snuggle her.  My belly was so big I couldn't wait to feel comfortable again.  I also felt prepared, knowing I had my Tommee Tippee products waiting for us at home!

Wendy. USA